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Lúthien around 4 months
Elbereth at just over 4  months
Galadriel about 4  months

Welcome to the Cattery of Arda! This traditional Burmese (and Thai imported) cattery was located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Washington state. I am located about an hour from the SEATAC International Airport.


(As of October 2023, Cattery of Arda's normal operations are in a "paused" state. Due to career/schooling transitions, I have closed down active breeding until further notice.)     

I began the Cattery of Arda in early 2018, with Lúthien (pictured here) as my first queen. ​In 2020 I added Elbereth and Galadriel (pictured here) to the cattery. Lúthien is a "blue" Burmese, Elbereth is sable, and Galadriel is a champagne. 


A little about me and my beginning in the cattery:


I have always loved cats (animals in general), and did many years of research before narrowing down to a couple of cat breeds to choose from. Burmese, part of the Thai imported cat family, became my top choice due to their dog-like personality, desire to be human companions, and intelligence. While all cats will be cats - as in, "they will do what they want", I love how personable and friendly the Burmese and Thai imported cats are even from a young age; they are friendly and loving with family, friends and strangers alike! After some odd contacts with several Burmese breeders that ended in disappointment, I finally found a cattery that appealed to me for their philosophy and practices. I had never considered breeding kittens before the breeder suggested it later, but after getting to know him, who is still my valued mentor in this adventure, I thought it through and realized that this was something I'd always wanted to do but never had put it into "words". It was an "ah ha!" moment for sure, and the rest is history :)  It was a huge commitment and I had a lot to learn (still learning!), but this path is not something I've ever regretted :) I've met some wonderful people through this that I still keep in regular contact with, and I like to think that I have spread some joy to others by way of these kittens. 

Burmese cats truly bring joy into the lives of their human families and it doesn't take long before people are astonished they survived without them before! Please see the About page for more information on these amazing felines! To learn more about Burmese/Thai cats, please visit this TIMBA website for some general information about these wonderful cats! 


I look forward to hearing from you with any questions you may have about my cattery! Please see Available Kittens for information on current and upcoming litters!  My Blog also has a lot of current news and updates on the cattery. (Post #18 goes into more depth on a personal level due to...well, you'll see why.) 



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