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Contract and Deposit Information
Please see the Available Kittens page for the current litters available for sale or estimations on upcoming litters. Please contact me to discuss current availability if you have a question not answered by that page. 

July 2023 Update: Please read before contacting me or filling out an application! 

I have one active queen at the moment (Galadriel). Please see my Blog posts #64 and #65 for more details on these changes to the cattery. I encourage you to fill out an application/contact me, but my priority over the next year will be to focus on supplying kittens to waitlist families already on the list. 


I do not feel it to be ethical about to ask for anyone's new non-refundable deposit given these circumstances of not being able to guarantee that I'll have kittens to offer you before I have to take a "pause" for schooling/career change next year. However - I would love to put your names down on a list to contact if openings do come up during the time while Galadriel is still active and then at that point you can send in a deposit for that kitten.  

As discussed in the About page, there is a non-refundable deposit of $200 per kitten required to secure a kitten before pick-up and be put on the waiting list for future kittens. The remaining $1,000 per kitten in the form of a money order or cash will be due at kitten pick-up. Please read the About page for information on the Burmese/Thai imported cats that you are expected to understand and agree to. I take raising and finding homes for these kittens seriously, and I believe it's important that we all be on the "same page"! 

Note: I will do my best to respond to your emails within 48 hours, but the reality is that I don't always reach that goal. My work/life/cattery schedule is very full, especially when I have multiple litters, so I would ask for your patience after contacting me. Thank you!  

Kitten adoption/application steps:
1. Please fill out the form below detailing a Burmese/Thai imported kitten is the right fit for you. I will review your application submission (below) and reply back to you so we can discuss things further. I'll also relay information on how to mail in your deposit/contract. I have recently changed this process for kitten applications due to some confusions lately from prospective kitten adopters. As stated above, I care deeply about the future homes for these kittens, and we need to be sure that not only are they are a good fit for you, but that you're a good fit for them prior to you sending in your non-refundable deposit. 
2. Please download this Contract here. This needs to be filled out and sent with the non-refundable deposit (personal check or cashier's/money order). This should be made out to Amy Kirkland.  

Kitten adoption application (step 1: fill out questionnaire and submit)
Kitten adoption application (step 1)

Thanks for submitting step 1 of the application process! You will receive a reply soon! I will do my best to answer you within a couple of days. However, while raising kittens is my "favorite job" without question, it is not my only job nor responsibility, and I am not always able to respond to you as quickly as I would like. Thank you for understanding!

Step 2: After hearing back from me/discussing any questions we may have, please download/print/sign & date the following contract. 
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