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13. Updates, get your updates!

Life has been pretty busy around here! I'll try to fill you all in on some of the highlights:

Lúthien's kittens are 8 weeks old today, and went into the vet yesterday for their wellness check and first set of booster shots! (Remember, kitten vaccines are important, despite the risk...) They received a clean bill of health from the vet - which is always wonderful to hear! The two boys tied for the heaviest weights, a whopping 2 lbs, 2oz.! They are all very sweet and playful; they recently began to purr when pet :)

Elbereth's (first litter) kittens were 6 weeks old yesterday, and were given the birthday present of more room to roam in their cat house - they loved it! They were running around and playing the rest of the day (although they were so exhausted from the excitement that they simply crashed after a bit! (see above) One of the boys is being a bit stubborn in the litter box realm, but all others have gotten with "the program" really well :) They love to play, both with each other and with toys, and it's been fun seeing their rapid maturity these past couple of weeks :)

Galadriel is about 2 and ½ weeks away from her first litter! Her tummy finally started popping out a couple of weeks ago; it was like an overnight transformation - one day she didn't look that much different and then bam! Her belly started rounding out! She still enjoys running on her wheel when she's not playing with Elbereth or her kittens or napping (which, they all do quite a bit!). She's not huge, so I'm not expecting a large litter, but as long as they're healthy, that's what matters!

Ok, here are the updates that most of you really want:

Lúthien's kittens are claimed and will be picked up in two weeks (from yesterday). The pick up date for Lúthien's kittens will be June 5, 2021. I'll be reaching out to those fortunate families soon to arrange pick up times and other details. (I don't like having to rush through the pick-up process, so I prefer to schedule enough time to talk to folks and get to know them a bit in person since most of us have communicated only over email.)

Elbereth's kittens are just now 6 weeks old! I will be reaching out to potential "waitlisters" soon! Some numbers on the list will likely shift around because a few folks had specific color preferences that this litter will not match. I'm less confident in "calling" the final colors for this litter because these are her first kittens, so we're in un-chartered territory :) Lúthien's kittens? I can tell pretty quickly what they'll likely be because I am familiar with what colors she produces. I think that one of Elbereth's males will be the more traditional sable color, but the other three I believe will be closer to her own "cinnamon brown" color as it looks to me :) Again, I'm not confident about the final colors of this litter - so if colors matter a huge amount to you, some of you will have to wait until a future litter. The pick up date for Elbereth's kittens will be June 19, 2021. As with Lúthien's kittens for pick up day, I'll be reaching out to these kittens' new owners to arrange pick up times, etc as that day approaches.

Warning! This next section contains a rant - but is related to the above update:

Let me just say this on the note of appearances: once you start playing and cuddling/bonding with your new kitten, the previous high importance on colors should become less important. I understand that some of you want to have the same look as your previous beloved Burmese cat, but I cannot promise that any kitten will be an exact match for what you had before; I make no assertions to be able to manipulate and create certain genetic outcomes. I can only make an educated prediction of what they may look like and then let you decide if you want what is offered. For those of you who are new to the "Burmese world", I cannot guarantee that my kittens [in general] will match exactly the Burmese cats you see online. We're dealing with nature here, and I'm not a mad scientist concocting genetic formulas :D (I hope some of you pictured the old '60's The Nutty Professor with that comment!) These kittens will adore you, and I hope you adore them, no matter what they look like! They're healthy and have a great personality, which is what should count. Ok, stepping off my soap box now...


Sadly, not all of you on the waitlist will be offered a kitten for the next June pick ups, and I have no clue how many kittens Galadriel will have to offer the next set of folks on the list... :( Her kittens, depending on when they're born, will be going to their forever homes sometime in August (I'm guessing mid-August). I will keep you updated as best I can in the interim; I appreciate your patience, as always!

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