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15. As one set leaves the nest, more arrive!

Galadriel had her first litter Thursday! She was a real champ, and had them cleaned and nursing in record time! She had four sweet babies, three

males and 1 female. I'm am not confident about calling the final colors, but it does appear that there are two platinums (or maybe champagnes) and then two sables. But, I'll be more certain about that in the coming weeks.

These adorable babies will be picked up most likely August 21st! I will be reaching out to those on the waitlist next month.


Lúthien's litter went to their forever homes last Saturday, and I've heard great reports from their new cat-parents so far :) Thank you to those who have send me updates on how they're doing!


Elbereth's kittens go to their new homes in one week from today! So hard to believe - the time just flew by! They are all so sweet and playful, and have become really cuddly lap-kitties :) Hopefully their new families are prepared that whenever they sit down to watch TV, they'll have a little fur-baby to snooze on their lap (or shoulder)! :D


Looking ahead: Lúthien and Elbereth have both had, uh, "dates" with Radagast a couple of weeks ago, but it's much too soon to determine if those "dates" were successful. More to follow as I know more! Thank you all for your patience!

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