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16. Milestones!

Galadriel is one year old today! She's doing really well as a first time mother :) It's so hard to believe that she's already a year old! Time really does fly! (Elbereth was a year old about a week and half ago.)

Galadriel's kittens are 2 weeks old today! They all have their eyes open and based on their reactions to my talking to them, they're able to hear now, too. They're starting to crawl around more and more - it'll be no time before they're walking and running around! They are so soft and fluffy :) I'm confident that there are three males and one female, but I'm not sure about their final colors. Every picture, every light looks different. So, I will be patient before I "call anything" just yet :) Here are some pictures for your enjoyment! I will be reaching out to waitlisters next month with offers for these adorable kittens.


Elbereth's first litter went home this past weekend and I've received good reports on their settling into their new homes :) I'm always sad to see kittens leave my home, but I know that they will make others families so happy, and that sadness is more easily dealt with - it's sure been quiet around her without those little darlings! (But the quiet gives me time to prepare for future litters!!!)


Lúthien and Elbereth may, or may not be, pregnant. I don't typically see indications of little baby-bumps until about 5 weeks into their pregnancy, which would be another week and half or so. I hope to have some good news for all my waitlisters on that front soon! Thank you for your patience :)

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