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19. Waddling around

Galadriel's kittens were six weeks old this past Thursday! Time really does go by quickly - I remember the day they were born, which doesn't feel like six weeks ago! Galadriel is still a great mama; I'm very proud of her!

I have started to reach out to folks on the waitlist, according to their place on the list and their preferences. So far, the little girl has been claimed, and I'm waiting to hear back from the next person in line on one of the boys. A few folks are waiting until the right color/gender combo is available. The color in this photo is a little "off" from in-person, because Galadriel's little girl is a bit darker in person than the other lighter male. For sure there are two sables, and what looks to be a champagne male and a milk-chocolate colored female.


Lúthien and Elbereth are both waddling around everywhere - Elbereth could have her babies any day now, and I guestimate that Lúthien will have hers later this week or early next week if her gestation pattern holds true. Both mommas are moving around slower than normal and crankier than normal - which is totally understandable! Lol

Here's a picture of Elbereth - she's huge! :) Lúthien looks about the same, but they're built differently, so Lúthien looks "more pregnant" than Elbereth (who has a bit stockier build).

I hope that Elbereth and Lúthien's kittens arrive soon so that I can have good news to share! For those of you on the waitlist, thank you all for your patience! Many folks are waiting for blues - which I have reminded Elbereth and Lúthien often during this current pregnancy - so maybe we'll have some blues to offer folks in the near future - we'll see!!!

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