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20. Not a dull moment 'round here!

So much to tell!

Lúthien had a litter super early in the morning yesterday (I only got around 3 hours of sleep, total....) and we're all on pins and needles waiting for Elbereth to have her next litter! If our calculations are correct, then she's about a week behind Lúthien - but we're not sure. She and Radagast went on several "dates", so counting for the due date is tricky.

Galadriel's kittens are doing really well - they're exceptional in the litter box training arena (either that or I just haven't found the corner full of accidents, yet! Lol). They are now 7 weeks old!!! Yikes! Next week they go into the vet for their initial wellness and first round of kitten vaccinations as they'll be 8 weeks old next Thursday. (I have the vet give them the killed virus type of shot - so much safer!) I have contacted and confirmed all new homes for Galadriel's litter. Soon I'll be sending out directions for pick up day to those excited families :)

Thank you for all your patience as you wait for kittens to be available! I hope to update everyone soon with news of Elbereth's upcoming litter!

Please enjoy some pictures!

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