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21. Kittens galore!

Well, there's no shortage of kittens around here! If you'd told me four years ago that I would someday have the blessing of caring for 14 kittens at the same time - well, let's just say I probably wouldn't have believed you! Lol. I'm so happy that I know they will all go to good forever homes in the future! It's why I do what I do :)

Lúthien's litter (born 7/29/21) and Elbereth's litter (born 8/1/21) are doing really well! Between the two of them there are 7 girls and 3 boys! Wow! Talk about being out-numbered! The majority of the kittens appear to be sables, but I think we might have one platinum, and one blue. I'll be more confident on that soon.


Update on Galadriel's first litter (above): they had their 8 week wellness exam and first kitten booster shots last Thursday; all received a clean bill of health! They are so adorable and playful! The picture here is a rare moment when they were still enough for a photo shoot :) The little girl is on the bottom left, then "Blue" behind, then "Gold" then lastly "Green" on the far right - for those of you who know which kitten is set aside for your pick up in a couple of weeks (8/21). (Galadriel's current litter is already claimed.)


Lúthien and Elbereth's October 2021 kittens:

I hope that I can satisfy a bunch of people on the waitlist this next time around :) Lúthien and Elbereth's newest kittens' pick up date will be on Columbus Day weekend - although I haven't decided if it will be that Saturday, or that Monday, or split up over those two days... I am leaning toward Saturday, but it'll depend also on how many people will be coming over, etc (some of y'all on the waitlist will be getting pairs rather than singles, so that will change whether I split the pick up day over two days or not.). I will be reaching out to waitlist folks next month (as usual, in order of deposit received!). Due to some of the gender/color preferences on my waitlist, I expect some of y'all will wait until future litters are born, as there are some "firm" preferences that I do not think I can match this time around.


A PSA about being offered a kitten:

I feel that this shouldn't need to be said, as it should be "common courtesy" and "common sense" and all that - but it is 2021, so maybe I need to be explicitly clear. I know we're all busy, and "life" happens, but if you are serious about getting a kitten from me, I do expect to hear back from you when I email you with a kitten opportunity. Even if the offer doesn't meet your preferences exactly and you'd rather wait until that better match comes along, I need to hear back from you. This has happened a couple of times in the past, so I had to update a policy on my site stating that you have 48 hours to reply or you forfeit that offer and I move on to the next person - and I put you in a "hold" status. There are a lot of you who are patiently waiting (!), and it's not fair to you to wait even longer because someone doesn't reply to my offer. With how connected we all are to the "world wide web" - it's not unreasonable for me to expect a reply back within 48 hours, right? Even my, uh, "seasoned with age" kitten buyers email and text from their smart phones and tablets! They may type a bit slower than younger folks do, but they should be applauded for keeping up with the times overall :) So, unless there has been a tragedy in the family and one cannot respond or even check their email (in which case it wouldn't be wise to bring a new kitten home anyway), I appreciate the courtesy of hearing back from you within a couple days when I write with kitten offers. Thanks!

A PSA about being "on hold":

I have a few of you on the waitlist who have asked to be placed on hold. I have no problem with this, and have told you that I will work you back into the "line" as I can when you are in a position to bring home a kitten. (Some have had family health incidents, or moving, etc and have had to postpone a kitten until later; I would much rather work with families in this situation rather than demand they bring home a kitten when their number is "up" even if that's not what's best for the kitten in the long term - it needs to be "right" for all parties concerned.) If this applies to you, please reach out to me and let me know when you have a change in your situation and I'll work with you as best as I can, without displacing others. I will not, however, reach out to you for status updates. It's not that your situation doesn't matter to me, but I will continue to assume you're not able to take a kitten until I'm told otherwise. (This is not the "don't call me, I'll call you," situation! Lol).

Future kittens?

If the girls' patterns hold true, then I will likely have the following sets of kittens going home in January and then February of next year? It's too soon to tell, but having kittens available in Jan/Feb of '22 is very likely. If you aren't offered a kitten to bring home a kitten in October, then hopefully there will be one for you early in the new year :)


Please enjoy some photos from Galadriel's current litter!

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