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23. Six weeks to go! And an update on Gmail-gate

Yes, six weeks sounds like a long time - but it will be here before we know it! Time has definitely sped up the last couple of years (yes, it's a scientific fact. No, don't ask me to prove it...Haha)

Lúthien's latest litter turned four weeks old on Thursday, and Elbereth's will be four weeks tomorrow! They are out of the "nests" and walking (ok, stumbling) around their respective cordoned off areas now. I still have trouble wrapping my mind around having TEN kittens at the same time! Ah! There are 7 girls! Elbereth's are all sables, and Lúthien has three sables, one blue, and one platinum (I think....) :)

I'm very proud of Lúthien's babies - they took to the litter box right away! It's so strange how instinct takes over and they just "know" to dig around and go like a pro! I'm sure there will be an accident or so along the way, but they're doing really well. Elbereth's are a few days behind - I think there's been a potty or two from them in the big box, but I wasn't there to witness it, so I can't be sure. They are all drinking water (and stepping in it, too) and soon I expect them to start nibbling on food. I will start to give them our homemade wet food soon.


I'll start contacting everyone with kitten offers in a couple of weeks, after the 6 week old mark for these fur-babies. I'm very happy to have so many kittens this time around for you all! Not everyone who is patiently waiting will be able to take home a kitten in October, unfortunately. :(

The pick up date is still fuzzy, depending on how many pairs will be going this time. I'm leaning toward October 9, though.


Galadriel's first litter went home last Saturday! I've heard great reports from their new families - they've settled into their new families and lives quite well :) I always love hearing good reports and seeing pictures of these precious ones in their new homes!


Gmail-gate update: Due to the issues I've been having with Gmail, I'm exploring other options, so if I email you from my new non-Gmail account, don't worry, it's still me! :) I was getting very irritated to not see all your important emails! (No, seriously, they weren't showing up in the inboxes [yes, there's at least two, apparently...]. I had to search by name for an email that showed up in my notification on my phone but not in the inbox! Not acceptable - so I'm trying out a paid email service, Startmail to see if I like that better.) On a non-cattery related note, please know that there is no such thing as "free" email services. "Free" just means that they're selling your info to make money. According to my friends in cybersecurity, this is just the reality we live with. With any "free" service, you are the product being sold. Period. Just food for thought :)


Please enjoy the following mini-gallery of photos from both Lúthien and Elbereth's latest kittens!

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