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29. Fluffy bundles

Galadriel's little bundles of fluff are 10 days old! They are soooo cute! :) There's a majority of girls in this litter, and it seems that there will be light sables and champagnes but I'm not confident about how many and which ones... Many of you on the current waitlist are interested in females, so this will work out perfectly! Galadriel has been a good mamma despite a full litter.

As a reminder, I don't start reaching out to waitlist folks with kitten offers till about the 6 week old mark, so please don't think I'm ignoring you! (So, you should be hearing from me mid-November or so.)


Elbereth has had several "dates" these past weeks/month, but I'm not seeing any signs of pregnancy yet. So, either she's not pregnant and we'll try again soon or she'll start showing soon... Her body may just be taking a break, which is totally ok. I'd rather her be ready than push it. Lúthien hasn't had a date lately with Radagast, but that is the plan to do soon. Depending on the timeline for these two, I expect the Feb/March (ish?) timeline for their next litters going home.


Lúthien and Elbereth's recent litters are now all in their new, furever homes! It was a bit of an interesting weekend, though. Everyone was supposed to go home on Saturday, but the kittens starting having upset tummies late Thur night and Friday morning - and so while it devastated me, I had to postpone kitten pick ups for most of the kittens until they were back to great health. I appreciate everyone's patience this past weekend and your good attitudes about all the unknown and schedule changes!!! I'm very thankful that I had a long weekend so that I and my family could take turns watching the kittens and giving them extra TLC and meds to get them back to tip-top shape.

With every challenge in this cattery venture, I am humbled and learn a lot in the process to apply to future situations. I reached out to my mentor and other colleagues many times this weekend and their experience was extremely helpful. I have never had to delay a kitten pick up due to them not feeling well, and did not prepare my kitten buyers for that eventuality as it never crossed my mind. Now, I will incorporate that possibility into schedule planning for pick up dates as a factor that I cannot completely control. It was quite an adventure to have all 10 kittens in the family room - it's soooooo quiet now that they're all gone! Almost eerily quiet! It was fun, though, to see them rip and run around the room and play with each other and toys :) Often we were just objects in their imaginary obstacle course and they'd run right over us in our chairs in their focus on play; very sweet and very funny!

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