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3. Waiting for water to boil

It’s like staring at a pot of water on the stove waiting for it to boil - you know eventually it will start to bubble to the surface, but it takes a while...

Still no definite signs of babies yet! Everyone is happy and healthy, though, so there’s much to be thankful for :) This is the time period I like the least - when I’m not sure if babies are coming and there’s nothing to do but be patient - patience is hard!

I recently set up drinking fountains for everyone - moving water helps motivate some cats to drink more, which saves them from painful (and costly) urinary issues. Elbereth and Galadriel need more exercise, so I will be setting up a “cat wheel” soon; I’ll have to share photos of that when the box arrives and it’s set up.

Thank you wait list folks all for your patience! I will be checking my mailbox tomorrow, so those of you who have sent in deposits for future kittens will receive receipt confirmations soon!

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