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31. It's almost December!

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was good and memorable! I'm still trying to get caught up from chores and things that fell by the wayside a bit during the couple days off I took last week. It's amazing how quickly work piles up if you don't keep on top of it, right?! :/

Galadriel's second litter is doing really well! On Monday they will be 7 weeks old! Wow, does time fly! They're bounding around in their "barricaded" enclosure but I think they've outgrown it - so I plan to open up the rest of their living space to them this weekend so they have more room to run around (literally.) My "experiment" of keeping them more confined to one part of their tiny house was successful - after that first, somewhat rocky week of initial litter box training, they've not had a single accident! Previously, I had given them more space from earlier on - which meant they had more areas to have accidents. So after testing out that theory of giving them less space at first, I think I've found a good formula for the future to minimize their litter box accidents :) Or, maybe it was just a one-off with this litter and future ones won't act the same! Lol one never can tell in this business, which takes away all monotony :D

Here are some recent pictures of Galadriel's kittens! They absolutely love running up and down their "condo" with the stairs!

This upcoming Thursday they have their first wellness check and first set of kitten shots. After that, I typically bring the kittens into the main house for more focused human and "noise" acclimation.

Almost of these kittens are now claimed. I'm working with current waitlisters to finalize the last three. With the holiday and all messing with everyone's schedules, I'm being a little more gracious about giving people time to get back to my "kitten offer" emails, hence the later than usual finalization. The kitten pick up day is still a little in flux, depending on if I can get my preferred day off from work. I'll communicate that to the kitten adopters as soon as I have information.


Most recent litters (that went to their new homes last month): Thank you to those who've send kind messages and pictures from Lúthien and Elbereth's recent litters that are now in their forever homes! :) I love hearing how well they've settled into their new environments and have made your house their homes and thoroughly bonded with their new human families!


(non)Update on Lúthien and Elbereth:

Well, sadly, not much to relate here. :( Elbereth and Lúthien have spent a lot of time with Radagast the last month+, but I cannot tell if anything "took". Radagast has certainly not been sad about spending more time with them, though! Lol. They've had a fairly active year as far as kittens, so perhaps their bodies are taking longer of rest than I anticipated. I'm sorry for those who are waiting - trust me, I'm doing everything I can to bring you kittens!

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