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34. Good news!

(BTW, Lúthien isn't angry here - this is her natural look of annoyance whenever I take a picture of her! While she's very photogenic, she doesn't much like being photographed! Lol)

After weeks (longer, actually!) of not knowing/hoping - I am now confidently announcing that Lúthien is pregnant! :) I am guessing she's about 5-6 weeks pregnant right now, putting her next litter's due date around mid-January. I haven't felt any movement from the babies yet, but when I do then I know we're closer to being three weeks out. If Lúthien has her babies mid-Jan, then that litter would go to their fur-ever homes around the end of March.

What about Elbereth? Well, if Elbereth is pregnant also (I think she is, but she's not showing yet so I can't be positive), then she'd be about 2 or so weeks behind Lúthien as far as timing. She and Lúthien took a much longer "break" than I'd anticipated.

Galadriel just had a rather large litter and so far, hasn't shown any special interest in spending time with Radagast - but if she goes into heat in January, then she'd probably have another litter in April, which would put her kittens going home sometime in mid or late June. Of course, this is wild speculation, and forces over which I have no control - but it's just some food for thought :) I'm a "planner" and like to have my potential ducks all in a row, even if they don't decide to swim by.

I wish I could offer current waitlisters their kittens sooner then the above projected timeline, but that's how it stands right now. They are worth the wait, though! Speaking of, Galadriel's most recent litter has been in their new (fur-ever!) homes for a full week now! It was a pleasure to meet everyone last weekend and I have no doubt that each of her kittens will be loved and cared for (and spoiled!) for the rest of their lives! :) Several kittens last weekend went home with children in the household (the kittens were never exposed to "tiny humans" before last week!) and I was told that they were all cuddles with the kids within 24 hours :). Gotta love the Burmese personality, there! They do truly love "their humans" - whether they be full grown or still growing :D.

Well, there's not much I have to share yet, so I'll leave things here. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! (Ah! New Year! I am having soooo much trouble wrapping my head around it almost being "2022"!!!! I know that I'll be writing the date wrong for a while next year!)

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