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36. Punctual kittens!

Lúthien had kittens last night! She was exactly "on time" for this litter! I had guestimated that any day starting yesterday would be her approximate due date - and she cooperated beautifully! She started around 6pm and went for most of the night, so I was a little woozy today from the lack of full sleep - but that's how these things go!

She was acting really "needy" and on edge all day yesterday and followed me around from room to room and wanted to be held more than usual. I really didn't think she'd have them on my prediction date, though! As we near the due date(s), I typically walk over to her "box" and encourage her to get in throughout the day, which she usually just looks at me and walks away.... but last night when I walked over to her birthing box, she jumped right in and laid down and waited for me to sit down and pet her and that was the start of it all!

She had four beautiful babies; from the looks of them, I believe there are two sable, one blue, and one... platinum? champagne? That light one I'm not positive about - but either platinum or champagne for sure. It's too early to handle the babies, so I am not sure which genders they are yet. I've tried to get a peek when they're moving around, but they move around too quick for me to have a good look/determination.


Elbereth is up next! I'm not sure if she'll have her kittens next week or the following (guessing by her size and the timeline, I still think she's 1-2 weeks behind Lúthien. But - that being said - I really am not positive and we'll all be surprised together :)

Oh, and it may just be wishful thinking, but Galadriel may also be (very early on) pregnant! She's so slender that any baby bump tends to stand out, and I think I see a little bump forming! But, this isn't a confirmation yet, just an excited hope :) Time will tell.

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