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37. Two winter litters? Check!

This week has been busy! Elbereth had a beautiful litter this past Wednesday :) We'd been on pins and needles and "baby watch" since last weekend, and watching Elbereth like a hawk - and she had her litter right "on time" after all!

They've all been eating really well and growing by the hour, it seems! I did a quick check (in poor lighting) and I believe there are four males and one female. All seem to be sables (Elbereth has been known to have lighter and darker sables, so some may be different shades as they grow older). Mama is doing well, also. She seems to be taking to motherhood a lot better this time as compared to the previous two litters. Barring anything unexpected, they should be going to their furrever homes on April 9, 2022.


Lúthien's babies are getting so big! They're almost 3 weeks old - how time flies! She had three females and 1 male (yep, the inverse as Elbereth, essentially.) Too funny! I expect they'll start outgrowing their "nest" pretty soon and start exploring the larger environment. Then the real fun starts - eating solid food, etc = potty training! Ah! Barring anything unexpected, they should be going to their furrever homes on March 26, 2022.


Another piece of exciting news: Galadriel is pregnant! I expect that she has about a month left (so, the end of February, probably). Her baby bump is pronounced enough that I feel confident sharing that piece of good news now :) She was a really good "sister" to Elbereth on Wednesday - she jumped in and helped her clean off the babies and helped Elbereth clean herself off, too. It was sweet to see their relationship :)


I know several of you have emailed me this week - I promise I'm not ignoring you! I will respond as quickly as I can :) As always, I will start making "official" offers to folks (who previously sent in deposits) during week 6 or so. That would put it around the end of February for Lúthien's kittens. Thank you for your patience!

Finally, one note to the pick up dates mentioned above: while I like to have things planned out and give you advanced notice so you can make travel and work arrangements, I sometimes cannot predict if a kitten(s) will get sick and have to postpone the pick up date so they can recover. It's only happened once to me that I've had to delay a pick up day, but I like to remind folks that when dealing with nature, I cannot completely control the timelines. I would much rather keep a kitten (or kittens) longer than expected where they can stay in a familiar environment and get medicine, etc than let them go home (which stresses their systems anyway) while sick. So, please keep it in mind that there are no 100% guarantees with any dates that I give for pick up day. Thank you for understanding; I know you also want what's best for these previous furbabies!

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