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38. Two down, one left to go!

Galadriel is getting close to her third litter's due date! I expect them to show their fuzzy heads sometime mid or late next week, anytime after the 23rd (or so...) :) It'll be very interesting (again) to have two litters in their cat-house. Elbereth's kittens will be 4 weeks old during the week that I anticipate them being born. Four weeks in between will be a good overlap, I hope! She doesn't look as big as last time, and while I've felt them kicking around in there, I have no clue how many will grace us with their presence :) We'll all be surprised!

Lúthien's kittens are growing fast! They were 4 weeks old this Tuesday. I opened up their barricaded area on their birthday, and they've been wondering around and happy in their expanded environment ever since. They've also been faithfully (so far!) using the litter box! I'm very proud of them that I haven't found any accidents yet. They're nibbling real food and drinking well; Lúthien is still nursing like a wonderful mother, too.

Elbereth's kittens aren't doing much right now except nursing and crawling (in giant fur-bundles together) from one corner of their next to another. Elbereth is being very attentive and taking care of them well. One of them seems to be somewhat lighter in shade than the others (especially in this picture above), but I'm not comfortable calling what their final colors will be. Elbereth has only ever had sables (although some darker than others), so I anticipate all of them will be chocolate - dark brown sable colors in the end. Time will tell, though!


I have started going through the waitlist to sketch out possible matches for folks, but no official offers have been made. It's too early, still, for me to accurately assess the kittens' personalities and all that. I know that some folks have their hearts set on certain colors/genders, but I am going to make even more of an effort of matching for personality than looks from now on. From the buyer (your) perspective, I hope that personality and "good fit" will matter more than looks because it will mean that your kitten will be the happiest and live the most fulfilled life possible. I am not really concerned about this when folks take a pair, because I know that they kitten will always have a playmate, but for those waitlisters taking a single kitten, I will be a little more selective in those offers from now on. It's not that I won't take your preferences where looks are concerned into the equation, but Burmese/Thai imported kittens need a lot of stimulation and activity - so I will look at their personality/likelihood of being happy in a quiet and uneventful environment more than looks in that situation. I hope that makes sense.... I care about these kittens and their quality of life and will try to match them with the best home situation possible.

For those whose deposits are already in and you're still actively waiting on the list, you can expect me to start emailing in the coming weeks with discussions on kittens! As always, I go in order from date of deposit received for kitten offers.

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