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39. The whole party's finally arrived!

Just a quick update this morning - it's been busy around here and I gotta get back to it!


First things first: Galadriel surprised us with her litter on Tuesday morning - we came in to say "good morning" and there they were! all cleaned off and everything - she's a very efficient mama! More info to follow on this litter soon!

Lúthien's kittens were 6 weeks old on Tuesday. They are growing so fast! Whenever we walk in the room, two of the four are excited to see us, it's very sweet :) The other two are a little more shy right now, but I'm confident they'll become more confident in the coming week(s). I have been working with current waitlisters on this litter and should finalize those kitten offers and arrangements soon. Their pick up day (barring any unforeseen circumstances) will be 3/26/22.

Elbereth's kittens were 4 weeks old on Wednesday. It's like a switch was flipped and they went from "baby" to "young cat" nearly overnight! They've been enjoying exploring their environment and starting to eat, use the litter box (only one accident so far) and learn how to be more independent! In a couple of weeks I'll start contacting folks on the waitlist about these kittens. Their pick up day (barring any unforeseen circumstances) will be 4/9/22.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!!

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