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41. 7, 14, & 49

No, those aren't part of a winning Lottery number (I don't think so, anyway! Lol) They're countdown days!!!

Countdown: SEVEN DAYS Lúthien's current litter is in the final stretch! Three of them will be picked up next week on March 26 to go to their furrever homes! They've gotten so big! Especially the only male, who will be named "Neptune" soon! Lúthien's other female isn't shown above as she will be going home with one of Elbereth's later (her picture is below under Elbereth's).

Countdown: FOURTEEN DAYS Elbereth's litter is almost in the final stretch, too! These energetic little guys will be picked up on April 9! They will have their wellness check at the vet this week, and be brought into the main house soon after Lúthien's babies leave to their forever homes. One of hers will be going home with a male from Elbereth, so she'll have a little extra time with me, but these litters are so close in ages that there's no concern about them not bonding :) There is one male left to secure from Elbereth's litter; I am waiting to hear back from one of my current waitlisters on him. :)

Countdown: (around) FORTY-NINE DAYS Galadriel's current little is tentatively set to go to their furrever homes on May 7, 2022. That's still a ways off, but the day gets closer every minute it seems! They're getting so big, and starting to be really interested in their environment. They'll be 4 weeks old this next week! Wow! It's too early for me to send any official offers for them, but I have "penciled in" some likely pairings for current waitlisters.


This was a short update - but it's been busy around here and duty calls again now! I do thank you all for your patience on my less than instant turnaround on replying to your emails and application forms. I'm truly not trying to ignore you! :/ After Lúthien and Elbereth's are happily placed in their new homes and there's only one current litter, I hope life will take a notch down in the "aaaah!" factor.

Here are some more pictures to make up for it :)

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