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42. 6 days, 6 kittens, 6 weeks

In six days, six more kittens will be going to their furever homes! Elbereth's latest litter and one from Lúthien's most recent litter will be going home next Saturday!

Their personalities are starting to really show and they've all been growing a ton lately! They've been in the main house for a full week now and are more comfortable with being in a home environment than the week prior. "Loki" is still a bit shy, but I am confident that he'll come around; I'm thankful he'll be going home with his half-sister, "Luna"! I love it when they have other feline companions - a single cat isn't as happy as when there are other kitties (young or old) in the house.

Lúthien's other kittens went home last Saturday and I have heard great reports of them having fully (or nearly fully) adjusted to their new home and families (some with young kids)! This breed truly does amaze me; they are never around children here, but take hardly any time at all to acclimate to "tiny humans" in their new homes!

Here are some fun pictures of "Blue" enjoying the TV and its excitement! He really got into it for a moment - then was distracted by a toy or sibling Lol.


Galadriel's kittens will be six weeks old on Tuesday! Wow, I know I say this every time, but it really does feel like each litter grows faster than the last! They are doing really well; they had their nails cut for the first time yesterday and gave us hardly any trouble :) I usually try to start cutting their nails around 4 weeks, not only so that we don't get accidentally scratched, but also to get them used to it, but time has just gotten away from me for this litter for those little things....

There are a couple that are more outgoing and adventurous than the rest, namely "Red" and "Pink". Red is very curious whenever we visit them. There are 5 sables (of various shades) and one (dark) champagne. There are four boys and two girls. They are thoroughly enjoying the "activity center" in their large cage - they run up and down the mini stairs and climbing pole and do funny flips into the litter box below! Haha. I'm experimenting with them being in a crate environment until they're fully litter box trained - and so far, it's working amazing well. I have had no accidents from them! In the litters where they're given "more freedom" at an earlier age, they have many accidents. Besides, I know they're safe in their crate and cannot fall from large heights or anything when unsupervised.

They will be having their first shots and their wellness check in a few weeks. The mammas will all be going into the vet for their state required, annual rabies this month, too. (Gotta get that done before they're pregnant again! There are some medicines and shots that may be "ok" [or at least "unknown side effects"] for pregnant or possibly pregnant females, but rabies isn't one of them; I don't want to take any chances at harming any of your future fur-babies!)

I will be reaching out to folks on the waitlist starting this week for Galadriel's kittens. I have a good idea of who will likely accept the offers for her kittens, but nothing is set in stone right now :)


Have a great rest of your week everyone!

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