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45. Eerily quiet around here

All of the kittens have been gone for about a month now, and the house has been eerily quiet with them gone! I have heard from all their new families that they are doing very well and have settled into their new homes and routines beautifully - thank you for all who've sent updates and pictures - it's much appreciated!

Galadriel had a few "dates" with Radagast a while back, and Lúthien has been going out this week. It's too soon to tell for Galadriel, but I think she may be pregnant - I'll know more definitively in the coming weeks. (She's built very slender, so it's easy to see when a baby bump starts to appear and it looks promising!) If she is pregnant, then I expect her next litter to be born early or mid-July. If Lúthien's "dates" this week result in pregnancy as I hope, then it'd be 9+ weeks from this week, so sometime early August (?). More to follow on both...

Radagast, Elbereth, and Galadriel are seeming to enjoy the slower pace right now, and I've put a new hummingbird feeder up on Doriath, so now they get to enjoy watching the birds coming around to visit the window :) I wish I could have let them start getting pregnant sooner, but having to wait for their shots set us back a bit in the next litter "cycles"; it's a legal requirement that they get these shots, so I didn't have much of a choice. :( For those of you on the waitlist, I ask for your continued patience!

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