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50. All Doubt Removed

Last time I wrote I was about 85% sure that Lúthien was pregnant - well, I'm positive now! I even felt a little movement in there today :) I'm still anticipating this litter during the first or second week of August. I never know how many she has until they show their fuzzy little heads, so I won't give any guesses on that. Lúthien typically has an average of four, though. She has had as few as 3 and as many as 6 before, however. We'll all be surprised together!


Galadriel's babies are doing really well! They're 9 days old now :) Galadriel is also doing really well; she's such a natural! They're starting to open their eyes and move around more. I'll have to move them all from her "nest" to a larger area soon.

Here are some photos - enjoy!

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