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51. Kittens!!!

Lúthien had a litter late Wednesday night! Four little balls of fluff :) I haven't picked them up yet but I could see that at least one of them is a girl (which will be nice to off-set Galadriel's nearly total set of boys this time around!). I never trust the lighting from the camera's flash, but it looks like Lúthien's got a couple of grays and a sable :) I'll be able to tell better when I handle them and bring them into a more reliable light source.

So far, all is well with these brand new little ones! Their tentative pick up day will likely be October 15, 2022. As of right now, Galadriel's litter is still tentatively scheduled for September 17, 2022.

Speaking of Galadriel, her kittens are doing great! They were four weeks old on Thursday, and are gobbling up food (and water of course), and using the litter box! I'm sure they'll have an accident or two, but they seemed to catch on pretty quick; Burmese (and related breeds) are so smart!

They've been moved out of the "birthing nest" into the large three-tiered cage, which they'll call "home" till about the last week when I bring them inside the main house. It's been a few times now where I've done it this way, and I really like the results; they are less skittish and far fewer toileting accidents than if they're given free roaming ability of the tiny house. Plus, I don't have to worry about them falling from heights and possibly breaking something! They're picking up on their new surroundings faster than I'd imagined; some of them are already starting to explore the "upstairs" floors :D Of course, they still have trouble climbing down, and will meow until they are helped down. They'll master that really soon as previous litters have, I'm sure.

From what I can tell so far, there will be almost a half and half mix of "regular" sable and a pretty "milk-chocolate" sable. (I know they look really light colored in the photo above, but partly it's the lighting and partly they always look lighter when they're little then get considerably darker as they grow up.) The only girl (yes, I know...!) is a regular sable. I feel I should clarify: Galadriel's sables will not be as "black-brown" dark as Lúthien's sables grow up to be. Hers do get darker, but it's a very warm dark brown, not a near black in color. The lighter ones will be more of a dark caramel color, based on her previous kittens that looked like this at this age. Their "blue eyes" as seen above will change, too as they get older to a more yellow hue as expected with Burmese/Thai imported breeds.

Kitten offers:

Since they just turned 4 weeks old, I haven't started reaching out to anyone on the waitlist yet for Galadriel's kittens. I will soon! I like to wait till they are closer to the 6 week mark so I have a better idea of color and personality leanings. Only a few of you on the waitlist are very "firm" on your gender/color preferences, so that will make things simpler for offering you one or a pair of these kittens, either sooner from Galadriel, or later from Lúthien. Unfortunately, I do not have enough kittens for every single family on the list right now, so some of you will need to wait until the next round :( I appreciate your patience in advance!

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