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52. Quick update on Galadriel's litter

Just a quick update on Galadriel's current litter - they're all doing really well!! Tomorrow they'll be seven weeks old :) Wow, time flies!!!!! I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that she had 6 males and only 1 female. Haha :D

Their personalities are starting to emerge and I'm getting an idea of which fur-ball will be best suited for your homes soon. They're all so playful! (Except when the vacuum comes out, then they're a bit shy still - but they're getting better about ignoring the scary noise maker!)

On the waitlist front, I have four of these kittens claimed and three that I'm waiting to hear back from folks about that I emailed tonight. (Check those inboxes!) I know life gets busy, so I will give those recently offered a couple days to respond before moving on to the next person in line. If you haven't heard from me already, please give it a few more days :) I appreciate your patience while I honor the order of the waitlist folks and wait for their replies.

September 17 is still the planned pick up date, but I will let y'all know if that has to change for any reason (remember, I will not send kittens to their new homes if they're not in tip-top shape!). Just a disclaimer that I like to remind folks every now and then :)


One quick note on Lúthien's litter: they're also doing great! Truly little balls of fluff! They're three weeks old today and are still in a "nest". Lúthien's such a good momma :) They're too young for me to make any official offers, but looking at the list, I have a feeling they'll be claimed quickly :) If you're not on the waitlist yet for a future kitten but would like to be, please visit the Contract page for more details.


Here are some pictures (I promised this would be a short update!)

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