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55. Countdown!

We start the countdown for Galadriel's next litter! She could have these babies at any time now! Historically she goes at least 9 weeks even, but there was once that she had them a day shy of 9 weeks - which would be today!!!! I don't think she'll have them today, though. She's definitely been acting a lot more "subdued" and not interested in playing as much - which for her is a sign that it's close :) I'm thinking between tomorrow and Wednesday is a likely range. I am very much looking forward to meeting her new little ones soon! Depending in which day they actually come, they're likely to have a pick up date of the last week of January 2023. More info on that to come.

(I just checked on her a moment ago and she and Elbereth were cuddled up in the "nest" carrier seen above - so sweet! Elbereth has "helped" Galadriel [and vice versa] during kitten-birth before; they are so good together!)


Lúthien is not really showing, but I do believe she's pregnant also. She could simply have a small litter so not super obvious right now; if so, her next litter will be born mid-December. She's been acting a lot more clingy than normal, which tells me that she's having some hormonal changes...she knows when it's dinner time and I start walking toward the chair I sit in - she'll sometimes race ahead of me and then stop at the chair waiting for me to sit so she can crawl in my lap :D In these times where it's getting colder and colder, I do appreciate having her and the other cats to snuggle with and keep each other warm. Burmese are great little personal heaters! Lol

Can you believe we're talking about December and January stuff that's coming right around the corner?! Ah! I am not ready for this year to be over - and yet, there's a part of me that is very ready for this year to be over :D I have a change in duties for my "day job" coming up very soon, and I'm not looking forward to being "new" at something - we are such creatures of habit, are we not? :) Hopefully early next year I won't feel new at it anymore and things will start to feel routine. It will be a good change for me in the long run, but I don't enjoy the "starting over" part.


I will write again when there's more news to tell! Hopefully I'll be sending out kitten announcements really soon! Thank you all for your continued patience!

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