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56. They're here!

Galadriel had kittens this past weekend!

I have not handled them yet, so I'm not sure how many boys and girls she had. Most of them look light in the pictures above, but they will darken as they grow older as is the pattern for Galadriel's kittens in the past. While it's too early for me to confidently anticipate what their final colors will be, I am confident that one at least is a dark sable and there will be several light sables alongside him. We're looking at a pick up date for her kittens at the last week(end?) of January, 2023.


Lúthien is starting to waddle around and I felt her tummy start to firm up, so I am positive about her status now :) I still anticipate a mid-December birth for her upcoming litter.

Not much else to report around here! It's starting to get busy with all the holidays coming up - have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!

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