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57. Three weeks old!

Galadriel's latest litter is three weeks old today! How time flies! They're starting to shakily "walk" around and become more aware of their surroundings. Their ears are fully open and when they hear me rustling around their nest a couple of them will look around and sometimes hiss at me - it's adorable! :D A couple of them are more curious and adventurous than the others as far as wandering around, but they're all still very happy to bunch up in a great big kitten pile in between nursing sessions. I have moved them into a larger 3 tiered kennel and out of their birthing crate. They will not be able to climb the stairs yet to the upper levels for about another week or so, but this is their next stage of 'home' until week 9. Toward the end of this week I'll start putting them in the litter box so they can get used to it, and some of the more "go getters" may even potty in there this week :) Hard to predict how quickly they'll get the new concept, but Burmese are really smart, so it rarely takes long.

There are four girls and two boys. From what I can tell so far, there are two or three light sable, one dark sable, and a couple champagne I think (a tad darker champagne like Galadriel). Time will tell and I'll be more confident about their colors later.

WAITLIST: I will start to reach out to current waitlisters on the week of the 26th to offer kittens from this litter. See soap box below for reminder of waitlist policies:

A reminder about how the waitlist works: I will go in order of deposit received to offer kittens. If you, for example, have previously passed on a kitten offer that matched your preferences, your number will shift and I will work you in as quickly as I can in the future. Your deposit is still secure for a kitten, but your place in line will change. Example: Let's say you're #2 on the list and I have an exact match for your preferences listed on the contract but for whatever personal reasons, you choose to pass on a litter and wait for a future litter. In fairness of everyone else on the list, I cannot keep you at #2. In my opinion that would be grossly unfair to others on the list. If I do not have something that matches your preferences from the contract and you pass on an offer, that's a different story. For example, if you indicated on the contract that you have your heart set on a sable male and I don't have one, then I totally understand why you want to wait. If, on the other hand, I do have a sable male but you decide to pass because you just got a brand new puppy/kitten from someone else and don't want to deal with both at the same time, well, that's a different scenario. These details might seem tedious to put here, but this world is full of people who need to be reminded that others matter, too. I do have these policies listed in my website, but based on some of the recent questions and issues I've had with folks, I felt a reminder was necessary. I do not have a huge cattery, so my kittens are precious and limited. 99% of you all are amazing people to work(!) with and I thoroughly enjoy getting to know you both before you pick up a kitten and afterwards, but there's always that 1% who cause us to have to reiterate policy. I have my policies very clearly written on the website, but I still encounter people who try to "trap me" and accuse me of not having integrity in how I run this business. It's hurtful, especially when I take great pains to be clear in my expectations and policies and some seem to disregard it. <End of soap box, thank you for reading!>


Lúthien should have her next litter sometime next week already! Wow! It's worked out well that she and Galadriel will have a month apart. I really like that gap in timing. :) She's waddling around here and trying to root around and find her "nest". I keep trying to redirect her to the appropriate one I have set up for her, but it's hard to convey the rationale to a cat :D


We've been dumped on with SNOW lately! Anyone else having a winter wonderland? :) I don't mind it except for the ice and hazardous road conditions. Work still must go on...I start a new job tomorrow, and I am not thrilled that the roads are still not clear. :/ Hopefully the rest of y'all are having good weather :)

Next time I write I hope to bring good news about a new litter!

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