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59. This week?!

Please excuse my long delay in writing this update! Between the buzz of activity for recent litters and a ton of family events over the past 6 weeks, it's been hectic around here! :D

Guess what?! Galadriel is due this weekend! I anticipate her to have her next litter anytime after Friday. She has surprised me before with having an earlier litter than expected though, so we'll be on "baby watch" most of this week until the happy day! She's started "nesting" in areas around her, so hopefully it'll be soon! Depending on when exactly the next set of Galadriel's fur-balls show up, I anticipate a tentative pick up date of May 27.


Lúthien's kittens went home a couple of weeks ago ( pictured above) and I have heard positive reports from them as well as Galadriel's that went home at the very end of January.

Lúthien may be pregnant. I'm still not sure, and it's too soon to see any visible signs, but she seems to be in the early stages. I should know more in a couple of weeks for sure. If she is in fact pregnant, then I expect her to have her next litter the last week of April or very first part of May. Depending on when (if) that happens, her kittens could go home the first or second Saturday in July.


I know many of you are eagerly waiting on the list for an upcoming kitten, and I appreciate your patience! As soon as I have something to report, I'll write another update and/or send out information to the waitlisters separately as time allows. As you may be aware, I do not handle newborns the first week or so unless it's necessary, so I likely will not be able to give a full report on the sexes until a bit later. Galadriel tends to have sables and darker champagnes, while Lúthien can have a wider variety of colors but more often than not also has sables. We'll all be surprised together!

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