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60. Galadriel's litter, right on schedule!

Galadriel had her litter last weekend, right on schedule! Haha, I love how punctual she is :D

She had eight healthy babies!!!! I have only handled them once this week, and at first review there seems to be five girls and three boys. These numbers could change, as it's easy to confuse sexes when they're so little still. There appear to be a couple of dark sables and then a mix of dark champagnes and milk chocolates in the litter. This will be clearer as they grow older.

There haven't been any official offers for these kittens, as I do not give official offers until starting during week 6. Because Burmese kittens are in such high demand, I already know that I will not be able to offer everyone on the waitlist a kitten this time around, unfortunately. I know that it's hard to wait for these fabulous kittens, but the wait will be worth it!


Ok, so I don't believe that Lúthien is in fact pregnant after all; she's acting as if she's going into heat again. I will see how it plays out but unfortunately we may have to wait a bit longer than anticipated for her next litter. As a general rule, I like to have things planned out and "managed", but the last 5 years have made it abundantly evident to me that there's no true controlling nature's timeline! :( Perhaps her body needed a longer break, in which case it's a good thing for her and future babies' health that it not happen right away.

I will reach out when I have more information to share! Hope everyone has a great weekend! (It's cold and not very "spring-like" here...We were teased with a sunny day and a high of 55 last week, but it didn't last LOL.)

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