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61. Kitten update!

Galadriel's latest litter is already 6 weeks old! Unbelievable really! It's also hard to believe that April is almost over! Ah! (Well, maybe it'd be easier to believe if we had more than TWO DAYS of sunny [i.e. not raining] weather here the past 4 months...!) Galadriel's five girls and three boys are growing so fast and doing so well! Only a few litter mistakes the first week and none thereafter! They're eating like champs - well, "devouring" is a more appropriate term for what they do with their food :D They will go in for their vet/wellness check in a few weeks prior to going to their furever homes.

On Friday I started making offers for this litter to folks on the waitlist. This litter's scheduled pick up date is May 27 - which will be here before we know it! I'm still waiting to hear back from a few people for this litter before moving on to others in the list (be sure to watch those inboxes as each litter gets to week 6 milestone!). These little fur-balls get claimed quick - and with good reason! Look how adorable they are! :D It's hard to tell with 100% certainty what the kittens will look like when they grow older - but I can guarantee you that you will love them regardless of final coloring :)

I expect we'll have all the kitten arrangements from Galadriel's litter finalized this week. Once arranged, I will reach out to remaining waitlisters with an update. As always, I will remind waitlisters that sometimes things happen last minute and a family may choose to cancel; if that happens, I will reach out in order to others on the list with a last minute kitten(s) offer.


Lúthien has given us all a couple of "false hopes" the past couple of months; I thought for sure she was pregnant twice then, nope! :/ I am hopeful that she is in fact pregnant right now, but I won't say so confidently unless there's an actual baby-bump :D Certainly cannot rush nor control these things, and I am as disappointed as I know some of you are too for the extra waiting. Lúthien turned 6 years old this past tax day (I can never forget her birthday!). It feels like just yesterday that I brought her home and she was small enough to curl up in the tissue box on my night-stand! As you can see below, she started claiming my shoulder as her "perch" from the very beginning!

I hope to have good news on the Lúthien front soon - and will update everyone as soon as I have some solid news :)

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