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62. Bright and cheery updates


So....there's been some waddling around.....and....her tummy is starting to grow! This isn't a false alarm! :D She's definitely pregnant! Woohoo! I know some of y'all are celebrating out there with me! Soon I should start feeling some movement - love that!

Based on my calculations (keeping in mind that calculating gestation isn't something that can be perfectly predicted), she will likely have her next litter during the last week of May/first part of June. (Galadriel's litter is scheduled to go to their furever homes the last Saturday of May, so right after they're ushered out another litter will join us!) I anticipate Lúthien's next litter to go to their new homes early-mid August.

Galadriel's kittens

They're doing so well! They were given some more "freedom" and area to run around this week and wow, did they love it! They were 7 weeks old yesterday and get cuter by the minute! In a couple of weeks they'll go see our vet for the wellness check prior to going to their new homes. Their pick up day is still scheduled for May 27. All of the current kittens are claimed except for the last female. I'm waiting to hear back someone on the waitlist, and if they pass, I'll reach out to others :) Hopefully we'll have everyone arranged and sorted this week! Then it's the fun, final preparations for everyone getting toys, food, litter, etc. all ready for Kitten Pick Up Day! (Remember that I have some suggested resources [not required] on my Resources page. I do highly recommend that you use the same food that they're used to for the first year, and then if you want to transition them to something else, you can do that very slowly later. Changing a cat's food too quickly can lead to tummy issues and reactions that are unpleasant for everyone.) There will be two sets of pairs going home this time, which is always wonderful when they have a sibling to go home with :)

Alright, the sun is out (which is rare around here!), so I'm going to go and enjoy this nice weather with a walk outside! Hope everyone has a great rest of your weekend!

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