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63. One more sleep!

Before they mastered the ability to quantify time, my nieces used to judge the future in terms of "how many sleeps until...?". Well, in just 24 hours (i.e. one more sleep!) these precious fur-babies will either be on the way - or getting settled into - their new homes! (A few out-of-towners may take a bit longer to get home, but they'll at least be together!)

I cannot believe that Kitten Pick Up Day is almost here already! That went super, super fast this litter! It feels like just yesterday they were being born! :)

Here's another slideshow! The ones without their names on the photos here are Yellow and Light Green (soon to be renamed "Willow"!).


Lúthien is getting really close to having her litter! And by how she's been moving, probably a bit uncomfortable :S By my calculations, she could have her babies anytime! Most likely she won't have them until Monday at least, but anything's possible when it comes to this subject! I'm horrible at predicting how many, but she's not very big this time around, so I'm not expecting a lot of kittens this round. I'll be sure to send out a notification when I have news to share!


Thanks for reading this quick update! Have a great Memorial Day weekend - and let's remember why we have this long weekend, too :) Thank you to all who've served!

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