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8. Lúthien's babies are 1 week old today!

Lúthien's latest litter is one week old today! Hard to believe that a whole week has passed already! Time really does fly! They're all doing well so far, which is a huge blessing! They all have their eyes open! Not that they can see much, or clearly, but at least they're open!

Lúthien keeps trying to move them to different spots in the room, which is normal for queens, but I don't want her to drop them along the way, so I've had to keep her in her kennel with them for now. Some litters she hasn't moved much, and then others, like this one get moved a lot. Besides dropping them, the other issue is sometimes she doesn't bring all of them with her, so she's not being given a choice at the moment. I wonder how Elbereth will be on this subject... Hmm... Anyway, Lúthien's not unhappy about being in the kennel and is given lots of roaming time throughout the day, but I look forward to the 2 or 3 week mark when she will stop moving them altogether. The kittens are much happier with mom right with them at all times, especially prior to the 2 week mark as they cannot yet generate or regulate their own body heat - so she keeps them warm and cozy :)

I'm not sure about final colors - so hard for me to tell this early! - but there were three females and two males! Time will tell, and I may have to amend this statement, but I think there are four sables and one blue. We'll see! Depending on the light sometimes it looks like all of them are sables, and then other times I think the one might be blue... sigh... I am confident that there are no platinums in this litter.

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