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11. Update on latest litters

They're growing! Lúthien's kittens will be four weeks old tomorrow, and Elbereth's kittens are two weeks old today! Wow!

Lúthien's little troop of fluff-balls are now walking around their expanded living area and starting to play/fight with each other. (Playing and fighting are basically the same thing at this age!) They will be starting to eat and drink soon. One of the kittens sniffed at the water dish (literally) and then spent a few minutes sneezing as I think she inhaled some - Lol ! These little characters... But they're doing really well; some are more adventurous out of the "nest" than others, but they'll all come around soon enough. Lúthien is a very practiced mother, and knows the right balance of attention and letting them explore on their own.

Elbereth's little pack is starting to walk around too - well, their very shaky version of "walking", that is! Their eyes fully opened this week and they are starting to hear sounds, now, too. (Their eyes are the first to open, and then typically around the two week mark their ears open.)

Elbereth is now a very attentive mommy - which I am thankful for. She took a few days in the beginning to get the hang of it all, but now she nurses them and cuddles with them most of the time, and as soon as they cry - she goes into "mama bear" mode - well, you know what I mean! ;) Galadriel didn't know what to think of these weird creatures the first week, but now she's also attentive to them and very interested in the whole affair. When Galadriel is not napping or checking out the kittens, she's running on her cat exercise wheel! (I splurged and got LED lighted wheels for it - it's awesome! See below).

I'm not sure if Galadriel is pregnant yet or not - it's too soon to tell. I'm thinking that in a few weeks she'll either start to "show", or she'll go back into heat and then I'll know either way. I will try to keep y'all updated!

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They are adorable!! You are so lucky to have such cute fur babies!

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