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12. The explorers (and other updates)

Elbereth's litter is starting to explore their environment - and it's so cute! They've been doing the "army crawl" for a couple of days but are now starting to get their stable walk down.

They are over three weeks now and are so curious about all of the sights, sounds and smells around them. They still cry and don't enjoy being picked up - but that just takes time (and gives me more reasons to hold them!).

Lúthien's babies are over five weeks old now! Wow!! I truly cannot believe how fast time flies! They have been out of their "nest" for over a week now and are steadily walking and doing little sprints (not quite "running" yet) around their environment. We are working on litter box training right now; some "get it" better than others - but that is why I have lots and lots of old towels Lol. They're eating solid food and drinking plenty of water and have had their first dose of deworming. This is my favorite stage of their development - their personalities are starting to emerge and they are starting to play with toys (and each other) but not at the "getting into things" stage just yet. :)

Galadriel update: I'm pretty sure (never positive) that she's pregnant. Her tummy is starting to round a little and she hasn't shown any new signs of being in heat lately. IF she's pregnant, I expect it'd be another month or so before she would give birth. I will definitely update the blog/website when I know more!

Kitten waitlist update:

I know everyone on the waitlist is excited and anxious to hear news! I will be reaching out soon with offers for reserving kittens from Lúthien's litter. (It will be another few weeks at least for Elbereth's.) I will ask for you all to be patient just a little while longer - I know it's difficult!

Oh, I get asked a lot about the kitten's eye colors at this stage - kittens' eye color will change as they get older, just like they will get slightly darker/other color changes as they mature. Some of the kittens look like they have blue/green/gray eyes, or a mix of those - but they will change. I am not sure about Elbereth's kittens, however, because her eyes are slightly different, so it's possible they will be unique as well. Time will tell :)

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