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Hello everyone, I'm going to try my hand at Blogging for this site! Please feel free to subscribe for updates!

Luthien's latest litter has been in their new homes for about a week now. Time flies!

I've heard from their new families that already they have stolen hearts :) I've appreciated the photos that have been shared with me as well - I love seeing these happy kitties in their forever homes!

Update on Elbereth and Galdriel: They are almost seven months old now - I remember when they were just little 10 week old furbabies! I anticipate that within this year they will both mature and start having their own litters, which will bring three active queens to the cattery! More kitten options for everyone and less wait time, hopefully! (I'm very appreciative of the patience of those on the wait list - both previously and currently!)

Have a great weekend!

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