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10. They’ve arrived!

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Elbereth had her first litter early Saturday morning! Because it was her first litter, she was a bit bewildered at the whole affair and didn’t quite know what to do with the babies at first. It took a couple of hours for baby #1 to arrive.

After some bonding time alone with the little ones, she did get the hang of what she was supposed to do as a new cat mama :) It took a little bit for her milk to start flowing, but it did come in! (I’ve been so spoiled with Lúthien being an expert from the beginning and not needing me much so the experience with Elbereth has been different.)

I haven’t handled them much and it’s hard to get a good look at their colors because Elbereth prefers to keep them in a dark and cozy carrier rather than out in the open. I’m sure I’ll get a better look at colors/genders soon enough. Patience please!


Update on Lúthien’s litter, now just over two weeks old: they’re all fuzzy and fabulous! One of them seemed to be a bit smaller than the rest but is catching up to the rest and is a little spitfire already! A lot of curiosity. Their eyes are fully open (not that their eyesight is great right now) and they can hear now, too. Whenever I walk into the room and talk to them they all perk up and start crawling toward the sound :) This is a cute stage. Lúthien is a very attentive mother as always, and all seems well :D


Update on Galadriel: she finally went into heat!!! Hopefully she’ll be pregnant soon and then we can look forward to meeting her new babies in a few months :) They are all so different (personality-wise), so I’m curious how Galadriel will be as a mama. Until then, she’ll keep on running on her cat wheel and helping us refine our patience!

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