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70. Galadriel & Elbereth - looking for a forever home!

Galadriel and Elbereth are now both retired and AVAILABLE!

Elbereth was retired last year (2022) and Galadriel is now considered "recovered" from her recent surgery and has joined the ranks of Retired Queen! I did not have the heart to re-home Elbereth last year because she and Galadriel are such a bonded pair; separating them would have been very difficult for each. They are not related, but they are as close to "sisters" as you can get!

Galadriel and Elbereth were born in the summer of 2020, and are still young. (They're not "kittens" anymore of course but they love to play and run around and still do jumps and flips for their favorite wand toys!) They both enjoy being pet and spending time with their people. :)

Lúthien has never gotten along well with other females (truth be told I think she'd be happier with no other cats around) so I cannot bring the girls into the main house. We feel badly about them not having the more constant human attention that they deserve!

Galadriel and Elbereth would be happiest in a home without any other cats (I am confident that they could learn to tolerate dogs, though with proper patience and introduction time :D.)

Would your home be their purrfect forever home? Contact me to discuss further details!

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