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67. Five weeks today!

These little fur-balls are 5 weeks old today!

Galadriel's kittens had a good report from the vet! I took them in a little earlier than normal (my vet is amazing, and it's sooo hard to get an appointment with her! so I took what they had available :D) Anyway - she gave them all a perfect bill of health :) She confirmed that there are 5 girls and two boys (I've only ever had one "oops! you're not a girl!" moment in the past with a kitten, but it's nice to have a professional confirm all the same! Lol)

It's so funny how some litters are different than others; these little ones hardly cried or fussed at all at the car ride and being handled by strangers. Some previous litters (very loudly) tell us exactly how they're feeling and how unhappy they are with the car ride and subsequent handling by strangers LOL. One of the little girls (we're calling her "cream" for right now) was super chill and let the doctor cuddle her a minute longer than the others (spoiled already! haha).

Sometimes you're just too tired to move to a soft bed...

They're absolutely loving "wet food" (as you can see them scarfing it down in the top photo above) and growing quickly! (I have the recipe/directions for it in the resources page of this website if you're interested.) It only took them a couple of days to navigate the stairs of their 3 tier-kennel, although they are still a little uncoordinated, which is adorable! They'll get much more steady in the coming weeks. Speaking of the future, they have a tentative pick up date of September 30, 2023. (More to come on that in the coming weeks....)

Just chilling

I will start reaching out to waitlisters in the coming week with kitten offers for this litter. As you hopefully have read, I've decided to taper things in the cattery given various circumstances (read the Cattery Update/Changes post) so at this time I am not accepting new kitten deposits.

Thank you for reading! Have a great rest of the week and some of the last weekends of summer 2023!

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