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64. Cattery update and changes

Hello everyone! A quick update on Galadriel's latest litter then on to cattery updates...

I've heard back from most of the families who brought Galadriel's latest kittens home and they're doing great! Those that I've heard from tell me that they've completely settled into their new homes already :) So great to hear good news!

Oh, and while it's still far too soon to know for sure, I suspect that Galadriel is pregnant again; I will keep everyone updated on her progress!


Alright, now for the changes to the cattery... For those of you who have followed my blog for a while and/or who have worked with me on past kittens, you know that I put a high value on transparency and honesty. I therefore will tell you all that after much prayer and consideration of the options, I have recently decided to retire Lúthien. She has been a fantastic mamma to many happy and healthy kittens over the last 5 years, and she has definitely earned her "retirement"! As she and I started this adventure together, I will be keeping her myself and not rehoming her elsewhere.

This retirement is coming a bit sooner than I'd planned, and I am truly sorry for the effects this will mean for those of you on the current waitlist and those in the process of getting on the waitlist. I had hoped to retire her next year, but I must do what's best for her, and this is what's best for Lúthien's health and quality of life. I definitely feel the burden of adding more time to folks waiting for kittens as I will only have one active queen (Galadriel) for a while, but often situations in our lives are out of our control.

This cattery has always been a joy in my life and for those who have adopted kittens from it, and I thank you for your understanding as we take a new path on this journey together.

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