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14. 1 week, 3 week!

Does that title sort of sound like the beginning of a Dr. Seuss book!? :) I tried Lol. And yes, I know the grammar is wrong - I'm restraining myself from fixing it!


Lúthien's kittens will go to their forever homes in 1 week and Elbereth's kittens will be going to their new homes in 3 weeks from today! (Um, hence the title above...) I can hardly believe that Lúthien's kittens are 9 weeks old tomorrow, nor that Elbereth's are 7 weeks old today! Time really flies the closer it gets to pick up day!


Elbereth's kittens go in this upcoming Friday for their 8 week shots and wellness check. They're now fully running, jumping, and climbing all over their cat house - it's so cute :) And we're on a two day stretch of no potty accidents - so that's a success! I think they weren't crazy about the type of litter I had for them, so I've added a different kind and that seems to have helped a lot. Cats can be picky *shrug*.


Galadriel is now about 7 ½ or so week's pregnant, and her kittens are starting to move around and kick! I love feeling that :) She's not keen on sitting still enough for me to feel her belly, so I don't get to feel them often. Lúthien and Elbereth weren't bothered by that so I was able to feel theirs more... again, cats can be picky! Lol. I still estimate that her due date will be around or after June 8th... I'm so excited to see how many she has and what colors she'll have! Since this is Elbereth's and Galadriel's first litters, it's still a mystery what their final colors will look like and if they'll have more traditional eye colors or closer to their moms' eye colors. I do appreciate everyone's willingness to love these fur-babies, no matter what their final colors will be :)


Current kitten folks for Lúthien and Elbereth: I've reached out to those of you for next Saturday and am arranging pick up times. I have started to contact people to offer them kittens from Elbereth's litter, and should have that figured out soon, too.

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