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28. Quick update (oh, and new kittens!)

It's almost time for Elbereth's and Lúthien's kittens to be picked up! They can hardly wait! The family room seems to be getting smaller and smaller as they get bigger and bigger! I'm looking forward to meeting everyone on Saturday!


So, literally about an hour after my last post (predicting that Galadriel would have her next litter 'soon'), Galadriel went into labor! She very kindly waited for a day that I could be home all day so I could sit with her throughout it all :)

She did really well - she's such a great, natural mama! I haven't handled the kittens yet so I'm not sure about gender, and it's a bit soon for me to feel confident to call colors, but I'm thinking we'll have some champagne(s) and sables in this bunch. Their tentative pick up date will be December 11, 2021.

Ok, I promised this would be quick! More info on Galadriel's new litter will be coming in the future!

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