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30. Galadriel's latest litter: quick updates

Galadriel's second litter will be 5 weeks old tomorrow!

They are getting so big! They're walking around and just starting to play with each other and with toys - so cute and fun to watch :) It's not been cute for the "hit and miss" (pun intended) potty training... raising kittens is messy! Lol ... but, they'll get it. They always do :) Just the learning and growing pains right now with regards to the litter box mishaps aren't fun for us humans caring for them. They're just like toddlers - they have to be put regularly in the box and sometimes the timing is right, and sometimes, it isn't. And often they'll just scratch around (instinct) but not actually do anything.

All of the kittens are eating solid and wet food now and they both drink from their water dish and walk through the dish regularly. (That's funny for us to watch!) They don't like getting wet, but can't seem to grasp the concept of "oh, my paw gets wet when I step in the water dish." Lol. A couple of the kittens "talk" to their food, too. The hard parts of being a momma are over for Galadriel!

I plan to contact those of you on the waitlist in a couple of weeks with offers for these sweet fur-babies :) Their pick up day will be in early December; I haven't decided whether it'll be Saturday, Dec 11, or Monday, Dec 13, or a combination of both... My vet is really popular, so their first set of shots will be a few days after their 8 week mark as that's the availability the clinic has, so I might push their pick up day a little later than normal to be sure they have sufficient time between their shots and your picking them up. Their colors are getting more defined, so I hope to be more confident about their final looks when I reach out to y'all in a couple of weeks.


Update on Lúthien and Elbereth:

So, neither Lúthien nor Elbereth are cooperating with my plans & predictions! :/ I expected that both would be pregnant by now - but despite many "opportunities" over the past month and half, neither seem to be pregnant yet. This is where my statement on my site of "nature that I cannot control nor predict" comes in - I was hoping that we'd have another couple of litters ready to go home in Jan or Feb. Well, that doesn't look likely given the circumstances. So... we'll all just have to be patient. :( It's hard for me as well as you!

I will still encourage anyone who isn't on the waitlist already who would like a kitten(s) in the future to start that process now so that when the next litters are available, you'll already have a secure spot. Please see the process page for directions and info about the waitlist/deposit process.

Until next time! (Oh, and thank a veteran this week!) :)

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