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40. 15 passenger van (er, "carrier") needed!

Happy Saturday! I apologize for not writing or posting more frequently; it's been busy around here as you well may imagine! Lúthien's kittens were 7 weeks old, Elbereth's 5 weeks old, and Galadriel's were 1 week old this past week! Talk about stair-stepping ages of furry goodness!

I'll be honest with y'all, it's certainly been a challenge these past few weeks to balance and manage a full time job (where I have additional/new responsibilities there) and three litters at home. I'm very thankful for family, without whose help I would not be able to do this :)


Lúthien's kittens are doing really well. They are all really eager to get out of their barricaded area and into more "run room", but they'll have to be patient! They have their 8 week (first) shots and wellness visit this upcoming week, and after that I will move them into a larger room in the house. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Lúthien's litter will go home on March 26! Just three weeks from now - so hard to believe!


Elbereth's kittens have left the baby stage altogether! They're playing, romping around, eating and of course, peeing and pooping now too! There have been accidents, but those are getting less frequent as they get more used to the litter box. They gobble up the wet food that we make and love to cuddle in a basket that's way too small for all of them :) Barring any unforeseen circumstances, they will be going to their furrever homes on April 9! They will be 6 weeks old this upcoming week, so I'll start reaching out to folks on the waitlist with offers.


Galadriel's babies are 1 and ½ weeks old! Time flies! They're all eating well and have their eyes open and doing the "Army crawl" around their nest :) Galadriel has been feeding them and caring for them really well! There seems to be one champagne and the rest I anticipate to be light sables. Time will tell on that... I did handle them once, and I think there are four males and two females, but I will need to verify that as it was a cursory look on my part. This litters tentative pick up day should be May 7. Because of the age differences in Elbereth and Galadriel's litters, they are being kept separate right now when not supervised; Elbereth's do not know their own 'strength' and may think of the babies as a "toy" and hurt them while thinking they're playing... that's been hard on Galadriel and the others, to take turns being closed up in their large cages and let out. But, they all get their run time. Unlike dogs, cats do not mind it as much to be in a kennel-like situation, as long as they have their food, water, and litter essentials in the enclosure. As soon as they're out for play-time, Galadriel jumps on her wheel and runs :) We have to watch that too so that Elbereth's kittens don't crawl under the wheel and get hurt... there's a lot of "supervising" going on in their cat-house these days! (Hence the "we're so busy!!!" comments above.) I'll try to get some better pictures of Galadriel and babies soon!


Alright, I gotta get back to it! Hope everyone has a great weekend and for those of you on the waitlist, I will be reaching out soon if I haven't already! :)

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