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46. Just like that - she's showing!

Here's a quick update!

It seemed like it happened overnight, but Galadriel has "popped out" recently! We've even been feeling some baby movement :)

Galadriel's earliest due date for the next litter will be any time after July 8th, by my estimates. I'm still guessing that her kittens will go home in mid-September for y'all's planning purposes. I have no clue how many she will have this time around, but she tends to have four or more each litter. This will be her fourth litter, so maybe now I'll be able to see a "trend" Lol. Lúthien has always been sporadic with her litter sizes - she's had anywhere from 3-6 each time.

Speaking of Lúthien, I'm not 100% sure that she's pregnant (it's still too early to tell), but I'm hopeful! I probably won't be able to tell whether she's pregnant or not for sure until the first week of July, when her tummy should start showing around that half-way point.

Not much else has been going on here in the cattery realm of things. We installed a new hummingbird feeder outside the window in Doriath, and they enjoy watching the birds come feed :) We're still in this "no kittens lull" as we wait between litters, so using this time to get things done that we don't have time for when we have lots of kittens around. We're coming up on the first day of "summer" around here but we celebrate if the weather reaches above 63 degrees each day, and I'm still wearing thermal base layer clothes to work every day :( What a weird start to "summer"!

Thank you for reading my short update today! Hope y'all have a great upcoming week (and Father's Day tomorrow!).

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