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47. Fifteen days to ...

We're getting close!!!! Galadriel could have her babies as soon as 15 days!!!! Of course, she may go longer than that, but it's possible that just over 2 weeks from now we'll welcome new little furry faces around here :) I'm still guessing that her kittens will go home in mid-September for y'all's planning purposes. While I have been "burned" every time I try to predict how many kittens the girls are carrying, she is waddling around with a big belly right now, so I'm guessing she has at least 4 in there (???).

I'm not 100% sure that Lúthien is pregnant. She had her "dates" with Radagast and she's not acting like she's going back into heat, but she's not showing yet, so I'm not positive. Hopefully in the next week and a half I'll know more. As soon as I am confident, one way or the other, I will let everyone know :)

We're going to have a "heat wave" this weekend! While I'm excited for not having to wear long sleeve thermals under all my clothes (yes, still doing that up till this week...), I don't like it getting too hot, for the animals' sake especially. Last year we had fans going with wet towels, etc. I'm looking into getting a small air conditioner for Doriath before they get sold out again as they did last year. (If any of you have one that you'd recommend, please pass along the name and I'll look into it!) We're just not equipped for a "true summer" here in the PNW as it's not common for us to get above 85 for long stretches.

Sorry that this is yet another short entry; thanks for reading! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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