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48. Now comes the waiting

Did everyone have a great (and safe!) 4th of July celebration???!!! I hope so! We didn't do fireworks, but I've seen them before so it's all good :D I feel like one comes to a time in their life when it's just not as exciting or priority as when we were kids. I made sure to have music playing just a little louder than normal Sun - Tue to drown out some of the noise of the festivities in the neighborhood. The cats didn't seem too bothered by it, so that's good. I didn't want Galadriel to be agitated so close to her giving birth.

According to my animal pregnancy calculator app (yes, there really is an app for everything!), Galadriel's earliest possible delivery day is TODAY!!!! However, I don't think she'll have them today, as she's never had a litter on the "earliest date possible" before, but... She's so big - it'll be interesting to see how many babies she's got in there :) Last time, she had her babies overnight and we weren't able to be with her; not that she needs help necessarily, but I do prefer to be present just to make sure everything's going well. She's been restless recently - a sign that she's getting close - and going back and forth between two different spots and blankets. She's been 'nesting' a bit too (digging around and getting the blanket just so to her liking). She has to keep re-ruffling them as the humans come around and smooth out the blankets because that's what we do Lol. Elbereth has been a good companion and cuddling with her and grooming each other. Last time around they both helped each other during the birthing processes by cleaning the babies and other things that they have to do with the birth.

Hopefully I will have some good news for everyone soon! I'll post an update on the site and also reach out to the current folks on the waitlist who have sent in a contract and deposit to let y'all know the details! I try not to handle the kittens for a bit, so I won't be able to give you a gender count right away, and I typically reserve judgement on their anticipated colors for a bit, too.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of Galadriel's huge tummy! Have a great day everyone and I hope to bring a happy announcement soon!

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