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53. 85 days till Christmas (oh, and a kitten update!)

It feels like 3 months since I've written last, rather than just over one month! So hard to believe!

Galadriel's latest litter have been in their new homes for almost two weeks! I have heard great reports on how well they've settled in and "claimed" their new homes and family members as "theirs" Lol. I'm very thankful that they went to such great homes! I loved seeing photos of them all curled up/playing with their new family members, both human and feline :)

Galadriel had several "dates" with Radagast not that long ago, so I'd imagine I'll know whether or not she's actually pregnant toward the end of October. If so, that litter would likely be born close to Thanksgiving time and go home the end of January. (Nothing is confirmed yet, but since I don't have concrete proof, I'll venture out on a limb to speculate some :D )


Lúthien's current litter is getting big! As you can see in the pictures, there are three "blues" and one sable (the lighting is a little off for the top left photo). They were 8 weeks old this Wednesday and had their wellness check with the vet yesterday. Everyone oohed and awed all over these sweet girls in the vet's office and had to gather around and take a peek (I know, not surprising!). Although they didn't enjoy their checkup, they did great and had a "good bill of health" all the way around! I gave them their first shots this week also and they did great. :)

Their pick up date is set for October 15th. I'm working with those waitlisters who have claimed these fur-balls on coordinating pick up times and other details. As always, should I have a last minute cancellation (has never happened yet), I would reach out to others on the waiting list to offer them a last minute opportunity.

Lúthien has been in heat recently, too (went a little early this time around) but I'm holding off on letting her go on her "dates" for a bit longer so I can have the litters spaced out a bit. I prefer to devote as much time as possible to the kittens, especially during their critical socializing time window, and that's much easier to do effectively when they're a few weeks apart in age at least. I plan on waiting another couple of weeks then she can go out.

Depending on when she goes on her next set of "dates", I would imagine Lúthien's next set of kittens would be going to their furever homes end of February '23 or so. (So hard to think of making any plans for 2023, but it really is not that far off. It'll be here before we know and I'll have to start all over getting my muscle memory to write "2023" just when I've gotten used to writing "2022" Lol

Thank you for reading this quick update - I hope to add a new Blog again in a few weeks or so!

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