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54. Ssshowing!

Galadriel is past the half-way point of her pregnancy! Although the picture above doesn't show the right angle, she really is starting to "pop out" :) I expect her to give birth the week before Thanksgiving - which is really not that far away at all!


All recent kittens from both Galadriel and Lúthien have gone to their furever homes and I have received wonderful pictures and stories of how well they're doing in their new homes with their new families. It really makes my day when I hear good reports and see photos of them so happy in their new environment. These notes I receive from you all really do matter a lot to me, so thank you :)

Lúthien may be pregnant, but it's way too soon to tell. If she is, I expect to see signs by the time Galadriel has her babies. Lúthien's next litter would be born around Christmas time, hopefully. I still anticipate the end of January and the end of February for the approximate time for the next set of kittens to go to their forever homes.


Thank you for all of your patience while you wait for a kitten, or a pair of kittens! I know that it's hard to wait, especially when I cannot give definite time periods for your future kitten, and I appreciate your understanding about the situation :) If you would like to have a kitten in the future but do not have a contract on file, please see the Application page for details on how you can get in line for one of these fabulous babies!

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