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44. One more week!

Galadriel's kittens are going home soon! Next Saturday, to be exact! I'm very excited for the families who are coming to pick up these sweet fur-balls!

I brought them into the main house today for their final week; they're just starting to explore the family room as I type this! (Well, not all yet; some are too busy napping just yet to do much exploring. So far, only "Red" and "Yellow" are out; the others value their sleep too much Lol.) This week we'll be focusing on more concentrated socializing and getting them used to "house noises".


Update on future litters: Lúthien and Galadriel both got their required shots/rabies lately so I have to give it yet one more week before either of them can start "dating" again. Galadriel is very anxious to get back on the dating scene, as it were, so I imagine that she'll likely get pregnant right away. Lúthien has been going in and out of hormones during this waiting period, but I imagine that it won't take too long for her to get pregnant, either. I'm sorry that current wait-listers will have to wait a bit longer for their next set(s) of kittens. The vaccines and waiting couldn't be helped. :(

As always, I will keep y'all informed as we continue on this journey!

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