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66. The 7 have passed 2

Galadriel's newest litter of 7 kittens have passed 2 weeks! (Were some of you wondering "huh?" with the title of this blog? :D Gotta keep it interesting and unique!)

They are so so so so cute and fluffy! Just want to snuggle and squeeze them! (But I resist Lol. They're two weeks old now but I don't want to start regularly handling them for a little while longer.) They all have their eyes open and are starting to be interested in their surroundings. I'll have to start blocking off their nest area soon so they don't wonder too far. I believe that Galadriel had 3 champagne and 4 light sable - but time will tell more definitively on that as they get older. She had 5 girls and 2 boys! A couple of litters ago she had almost the opposite :D

Momma did a great job and everyone seems to be growing up nicely :) I will not start offering them to current waitlisters until they're closer to 6 weeks old, so don't worry - you haven't missed any offers at this point :)


Lúthien goes in for her spay tomorrow. It makes me sad that this era of her (and my) life is coming to a close, but I believe it's the best thing for her wellbeing and health. As you'll recall from previous blogs, I decided to start "narrowing" the scope of the cattery for various reasons (see Blog #64) and this is a part of that process. Her last little guy is going to his furever home tomorrow also - I'm so glad that he'll be going to a home with another young cat as he's been trying to play with the adults here but they've all been acting "grumpy" and not super playful; he'll have so much fun and have an outlet for his energy soon - it's been hard on him being the only kitten! One of my non-breeding males in the house (Tiger) has played with him, but not to the level of an energetic 10 week old kitten Lol.

Thanks for reading this quick update! I'll be reaching out to waitlisters next month for Galadriel's kittens :)

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